"The film allows us to read a great work of literature and then to visualize it. As a teacher, both the story and the film allow me to cover fiction, point of view, character inference, Venn Diagramming, narrative arc, setting, plot, internal conflict, external conflict, theme, and the comparison of different forms of media."

Kily Keeling, M.F.A., OKCPS E.L.A. Teacher

 Bring Sleeping to Your Classroom or Community Screening

Sleeping has enjoyed great success on the film festival circuit, but it has also been incredibly well received in classrooms across the U.S. (and we all know what tough critics 12-year-olds can be!). The film is a wonderful teaching tool for middle, high school, and college-level English, Literature, and Creative Writing classes, as well as for those studying the short stories of Katharine Weber.

Sleeping may also be of particular interest and value to those working and studying in the fields of:

Adolescent and Family Studies

Women's Studies

Mental Health

Social Work


African American Studies

Film and Media Studies

Adaptation Studies

Grief Counseling

Sleeping also makes a wonderful addition to public, private, and school library collections.

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Sleeping is based on the short story of the same name by Katharine Weber. A copy of her story is available here and as part of this collection.

What Teachers and Students Are Saying About Sleeping

"My students were spellbound..." - Dot Dannenberg, English professor, Westwood College

"If ever the time comes again that my students can work with one of Doug Conant’s films, I would jump at the opportunity!" - Sue Anastacio, 6th Grade ELA, White Plains Middle School - Eastview Campus

“Full of suspense and possible events, ‘Sleeping’ is the best short film! It makes the original story even better!” - Abril L.

“I very much enjoyed this film! It was amazing.”- Amy

“The movie ‘Sleeping’ is the kind that keeps you on the edge of your set - - it has drama, suspense and plenty of mystery!” - Nikki D.

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